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Important Update: Twitter 1.1 API and your Netvibes account

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  • May 3rd 2013 at 03:28 PM
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Starting Monday, May 6, due to Twitter’s new API policy, you’ll need to have a Twitter account linked to Netvibes Basic to continue using Twitter apps and searches from your dashboard. Twitter will require user authentication and rate-limiting, which means not just Netvibes, but all 3rd party Twitter services, will be affected.

The good news is Netvibes will update all our social apps to work seamlessly with the new Twitter API. Next Monday, we are going to roll out a product upgrade.

In the meantime, old Twitter API keys have been revoked today in preparation for this update. This will result in all Twitter apps displaying an “unknown error” message, which means you’re going to have to re-install your current Twitter app (from the Add Content / Essentials menu) to make sure it works flawlessly with the new API. This will not affect any Social Search app you’re currently using, no data will be lost.

In summary: if you’re a Netvibes Basic user, re-install your Twitter app today to avoid any issues with the new API on Monday.

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One Response to “Important Update: Twitter 1.1 API and your Netvibes account”

  1. #1 | KNTRO | May 7th, 2013 at 5:39 am   Reply

    Starting Monday, May 6

    Hmmmm, guys…? It’s Tuesday now, where’s the new Twitter app? Under Essential widgets only the old app is available, which says module not found. 🙁

    If you’re still working on it, let me tell you 2 bugs of previous version:
    ■The count for DMs was usually get “frozen”, despite I already read those direct messages through Twitter’s web interface.
    ■Since the shortened URLs now use 10 characters after domain, i.e., I usually had no more characters available after inserting an URL, despite the counter usually showed -5.

    Hope you can add an feedback option into the widget, so I can report any weird behavior or bug. Please, have in mind this!

    Best regards & thanx so much 4 readin’!

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