Going mobile: netvibes in your pocket

We are pleased to announce that we just improved our mobile and introduced a brand new iPhone version of netvibes. You can now access your page from any mobile phone.

Just try it. Once again we tried to make it very simple, just being able to browse all your tabs, feeds, webnotes, todo-lists, search modules, and some essential applications widgets like Facebook (with photos), email, Twitter, all in one.

Now you can also browse netvibes Universe on your mobile ! For example, you can check Techcrunch mobile Universe at

Netvibes goes iPhone.

The iPhone version is an opportunity to extend our Universal Widget API to the iPhone. You can now experience your netvibes with your fingertips and all the UWA widgets created by the Developer community are now iPhone powered !

You can give it a try even if you are not lucky enough to have an iPhone at (tip: rumour has it that the iPhone version works on some other mobile phones)

Try it, you’ll love it !

To give it a try, just go to and sign in with your regular account and voila, netvibes follows you everywhere.

Enjoy and let us know any improvements you would like to see, for our next update!

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