Ginger is now open to any registered user !

Here it is, netvibes Ginger is now open to any netvibes registered user.

To upgrade just follow the instructions.

Thanks to amazing feedback from Ginger 20,000 beta-testers we have improved Ginger and released cool new features.

Lots of new features and improvements

First any Ginger user can invite a friend to join him on Ginger, the invited user will be automatically friends with the person who invites him.

To try the new invite function, click on the picture below (on Ginger only)

Wall Widget

Requested by almost every beta tester, it is now available Post messages on your friends’ Public Page on their Wall.

Archive a widget

This requested feature since the early days of netvibes is now available. Instead of deleting a widget, you can decide to archive it and store it in your personal Activities Timeline. The widget will be saved with its parameters and you will be able at any time to restore it. There is no limit to archiving, it’s unlimited. Yes unlimited !

Share a widget

On your Public Activities Timeline you can now share a whole widget by starring it. The widget will appear in your Activities Timeline and any of your followers will be able to add it pre-configured by you in their own page.

New themes and wall papers to celebrate the launch of Ginger

As some may have noticed already we have brand new themes and wallpapers. It is just the beginning as we will improve all our theme and customization features very soon!

Ginger features and performance improvements

A lot of improvements have been made since our last blog post including:

  • General startpage loading time improvements
  • Prefetch feeds features
  • Flash audio player improvements
  • OPML import/export improvements (now available in adcontent/add a feed section)
  • Mobile and iPhone versions improvements
  • Feedreader content is not updated if marking all items of a tab as read
  • New Ginger thumbnails
  • “Send to my universe/Send to my private page” feature improvements
  • New Premium Widget : Stechworld, L’express, Usa Today, FranceTelecom, Computer World UK
  • Widgets Improvements: myspace, digg, FeedReader, Weather, multiple feeds widgets (Premium widgets), preconfig widgets

Thanks again for your support. Enjoy !

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