Follow the Euro 2008 from your Netvibes page

This week-end starts the Euro 2008 and you don’t want to miss a thing? Cool down, your Netvibe page enables you to follow the latest football news, all you’ll need to do is to install the proposed widgets below.

The Euro 2008 widget has been tailor-made for the event, in order for you to keep an eye on the latest scores.


If you want to read articles about the subject, some feeds should be able to give you a hand. You can check out the latest interresting subjects from ESPN soccer news or CBC news soccer, but maybe you’d like to live the action through the eyes of a passionate fan, so have a look at the soccer blog. If you prefer, you could read the latest articles from your favorite magazines by installing their feed on your personal page. At a glance, you’ll see updates in the soccer sections of FOXsports, NY times or LA times.

Otherwise, for official informations you could install some of the FIFA widgets: “world football news“, “latest news” or “latest photos” it’s all a 100% soccer!

Don’t forget the CBS sports public page – there’s lots of information on there as well as interesting widgets you can add to your page.

Now all you’ll need to do is to put on your most beautiful sport shirt and you’ll be ready to support your favourite team directly from your screen!

Find all these widgets on our universe :

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