Flickr module

I love this feature as it adds a lot of life and color on your page. This is Flickr module “basic”, which means we will come up with something more powerful in the future but let see what it does now :

This is what I call the “Slides” layout, you can browse the pictures using the green arrows, it displays the picture in “good” size and when available, a description.

This is the “thumbnails” view, giving an overal view of the last pictures added in a photostream

Now how to use it, just enter a photostream feed url (RSS or ATOM) or a tag like “flower”, select the layout “Slides” or “Thumbnails”, choose how you want the pictures to open, either to the Flickr site or directly in full resolution.

For those not aware of what is Flickr, just go to, it is just one of the best service to store, search, sort and share your photos.

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