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Happy 2017!

Tweet From the entire Netvibes team, we wish you a happy and magical new year! In 2016, Netvibes introduced many new features to the dashboard, including: Shared Libraries to organize lists of sources, a Geolocation facet so you can map where news is happening, Trend-Tracing Triggers so you can automate actions based on data trends […]

Social Analytics’ text cloud improvements

Tweet The What and Where Analytics apps offer several ways to represent their results, one of which is “Text cloud”. Text cloud displays the main keywords mentioned in the results. The more occurrences of a keyword, the bigger it is displayed. This view is especially convenient to spot trending topics at a glance. However, this […]

Netvibes Premium for Team: Switch from edition mode to your own copy of a shared Dashboard in one click

Tweet Quick background With Netvibes Premium for Team, a team leader creates a Master Dashboard with all the content and Social Analytics apps that are relevant to every person on his or her team. Each member – including the team leader – then retrieves a copy of that Dashboard. All the tags added to any […]

New Reading App Views

Tweet Dec. 29 update: As announced last week, we updated the font colors a few days ago. Both your unread and read items are now darker and should be more visible on all types of screen. More tinkering is currently under development. You should soon be able to do the following: right-click on your articles […]

Election Intelligence: Comparing U.S. and French presidential races

Tweet For the past several months, we’ve been analyzing news, social media, polling data and other information in Netvibes’ live 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Dashboard. The U.S. election is now over, but France’s 2017 presidential election is heating up. To track that race, our colleagues in Netvibes’ Paris office have created a live dashboard for […]

Netvibes wins “Most Innovative App” at 2016 Appsters Awards

Tweet For the second year in a row, we are honored to announce that Netvibes has won an Appsters Award! At the 2016 awards ceremony in London, Netvibes was named the winner for “Most Innovative App.” Watch the video clip below for our big moment: “And the winner is… Netvibes!”   Netvibes’ award-winning Dashboard of […]

New Netvibes Potion Ingredient: Google Sheets

Tweet You may have noticed that a new Ingredient appeared in the action section of your Potion wizard: we recently added support for Google Sheets. This new Ingredient allows you to add a line to any Google Sheets document of yours in response to any Trigger. Here are a few examples in which the Google […]

Smart City Dashboard: Improving Transportation and Mobility in Singapore

Tweet By analyzing citizen complaints and other online transportation data, Netvibes’ Smart City Dashboard empowers city officials to immediately respond to incidents and improve transit services. Smart Cities of the future will leverage technology, including data analytics and automation, to better serve citizens and visitors in all aspects of urban life. Transportation is one area […]

End of MyYahoo! Japan: Transfer your RSS Feeds to Netvibes

Tweet On September 29, 2016, MyYahoo! Japan will shut down its service. If you are looking for a new RSS feed reader, then give Netvibes a try! You can export your RSS feeds from MyYahoo! and easily connect them to a free Netvibes dashboard. Read the details below. Take control of your digital life with […]

「My Yahoo!」サービス終了際、RSSフィードをNetvibesへエクスポートすれば

Tweet 「My Yahoo!」サービスは2016年9月29日をもって終了することになりました。新しいRSSフィードリーダーを探していれば、Netvibesのを試してください。RSSフィードをMy Yahoo!からNetvibesへエクスポートすることは簡単で、無料です。詳細は下記をお読みください。 Netvibesであなたのデジタルライフの制御を取って!お気に入りのウェブサイトやRSSフィード、ニュース速報、ソーシャルメディアを読んで、興味を持つトピックに関する記事を見つけることができます。カレンダー、ToDoリスト、電子メールやアプリケーションを揃えることもできます。自動的に物事のインターネットを制御するためにNetvibesのにスマートデバイスを接続することもできます。 Netvibesの詳細については、netvibes.comやこの概要ビデオをご覧ください。データ分析、共同作業、およびその他の会社向き機能については、netvibesbusiness.comをご覧ください。   RSSフィードをMy Yahoo!からNetvibesへエクスポートする方法 このエクスポートツール はNetvibesへインポートされるOPMLを作成します。 ツールは、NetvibesのにインポートすることができOPMLを、作成します。   NetvibesへOPMLのインポート方法 すでにログインしていない場合は、Netvibesのにログイン 「Reading App」をクリックして 「Import OPML」をクリックして .opmlファイルを探して 「Import」をクリックして下さい。 Netvibesのについて御質問あれば、よくある質問サイトの回答を検索したり、メセージを送ってください。