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Introducing MisoData API: From Data To Dashboard, In One Step

Tweet “MisoData begins where Excel ends.” Launched in June for Netvibes Premium, MisoData is a new technology that makes it easy to compare internal data alongside external social trends, just by dragging & dropping. And today we’re taking MisoData to the next level! Until now, to use MisoData, you had three options: upload a pre-formated […]

New Premium App: Twitter Search & Compare

Tweet Last year, we released our Facebook Search & Compare app for Netvibes Premium which allowed you, as the name aptly suggests, to compare different Facebook fan pages over time. Today we’re happy to introduce our brand new Twitter Search & Compare app which will allow you to do the same with search trends on […]

Universal Search for Netvibes Premium: Search Faster & Better

Tweet Until now, you could search through your Netvibes Premium dashboard by submitting queries which could turn out to be rather complex, depending on the specifity of what you were searching for. To simplify this process, while keeping it as powerful, we’re happy to annouce a brand new feature for all Premium subscribers: Universal Search. […]

Service Upgrade: Upcoming Maintenance

Tweet To allow us to deploy new features, we’re gonna need to roll out a major Premium update and perform some database maintenance. Maintenance will take place this Monday, September 30th at 7:00 AM CET (check this time and date for your timezone) and shouldn’t exceed seven hours. Premium services will be functional but feed […]

New Netvibes for Smaller Screens (and Smartphones)

Tweet Today, everyone uses many different devices. Desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones… At Netvibes, our philosophy has always been to provide the optimal experience based on the size and resolution of your screen, rather than just what type of device you use. After all, there are big tablets and small tablets, large smartphones and tiny net-books. […]