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Tech Sources Corpus For Your Dashboards

Tweet Here’s an excellent Top 100 lists on the best Tech blogs and newspapers. We thought these sources might interest you, whether you’re a Basic user in search of interesting, new feeds, or a Premium user looking to improve your Open Corpus. (To learn more about how to create a better monitoring & analysis dashboard for your brand, be sure […]

Rugby, tech & entertainment widgets to add to your page!

Tweet News & tech – On Handy web resources find some tips, read reviews, previews and tech news. If you’re interested about media and entertainment you should check out the Digital spy widget. Add it to your page and you’ll find interesting articles about showbiz, TV & other medias…. You like to read news, but […]

Women, swimming, tech and more : happy week end on Netvibes!

Tweet Geek & trends- Find some tips & advices on Lifehacker! Whatever your problem is, it recommends web sites, downloads and shortcuts to help you getting organised and saving time. You love reading about tech, gadgets or the Internet and more particularly about social web ? Then install Social Nerdia! What is it? It’s a […]

This week's new business, tech and entertainment widgets !

Tweet Web & tech – Read about the latest video games on the market, but also about web, design and gear news on Zmogo tech stuff widget! Then, before installing any software, be sure about your choice with the Go4download widget! You’ll find software downloads and reviews. Free time – It’s the week end, time […]

This week's video, music and tech news widgets

Tweet Web – If you’re a Gmail user, you might be interested about the Gmail feeds you widget – It displays news about your favourite inbox and all its integrated services. Then check out what’s popular on Twitter on the Tweetag widget! It’s a cloud of tags representing the most popular words of the moment […]