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End of MyYahoo! Japan: Transfer your RSS Feeds to Netvibes

Tweet On September 29, 2016, MyYahoo! Japan will shut down its service. If you are looking for a new RSS feed reader, then give Netvibes a try! You can export your RSS feeds from MyYahoo! and easily connect them to a free Netvibes dashboard. Read the details below. Take control of your digital life with […]

「My Yahoo!」サービス終了際、RSSフィードをNetvibesへエクスポートすれば

Tweet 「My Yahoo!」サービスは2016年9月29日をもって終了することになりました。新しいRSSフィードリーダーを探していれば、Netvibesのを試してください。RSSフィードをMy Yahoo!からNetvibesへエクスポートすることは簡単で、無料です。詳細は下記をお読みください。 Netvibesであなたのデジタルライフの制御を取って!お気に入りのウェブサイトやRSSフィード、ニュース速報、ソーシャルメディアを読んで、興味を持つトピックに関する記事を見つけることができます。カレンダー、ToDoリスト、電子メールやアプリケーションを揃えることもできます。自動的に物事のインターネットを制御するためにNetvibesのにスマートデバイスを接続することもできます。 Netvibesの詳細については、netvibes.comやこの概要ビデオをご覧ください。データ分析、共同作業、およびその他の会社向き機能については、netvibesbusiness.comをご覧ください。   RSSフィードをMy Yahoo!からNetvibesへエクスポートする方法 このエクスポートツール はNetvibesへインポートされるOPMLを作成します。 ツールは、NetvibesのにインポートすることができOPMLを、作成します。   NetvibesへOPMLのインポート方法 すでにログインしていない場合は、Netvibesのにログイン 「Reading App」をクリックして 「Import OPML」をクリックして .opmlファイルを探して 「Import」をクリックして下さい。 Netvibesのについて御質問あれば、よくある質問サイトの回答を検索したり、メセージを送ってください。

Readability Sunset

Tweet On Friday, September 30, Readability will shut down its Bookmarking service. Here’s what you should know: All the Netvibes features based on Readability will cease to work. Our Readability Ingredient will soon be deleted from the Potion wizard and all your Potions using Readability will be turned off until you configure them with one […]

Happy 11th birthday, Netvibes!

Tweet Today, September 15, 2016, Netvibes turns 11! To celebrate, we’re giving away a one-year VIP pass to 11 of our users. Want to win one? Read more below. Since Netvibes’ founding in 2005, we’ve made a lot of additions to the dashboard over the years. Here are some of our favorite milestones from the […]

Catch all the important news with Netvibes’ Weekly Digest

Tweet You may notice a new email in your inbox this week. Netvibes is launching a Weekly Digest, our once-a-week email newsletter customized for each user, based on his or her unique interests and reading habits. The Weekly Digest presents a list of the most-popular and newsworthy articles that you have not yet read, collected […]

New websites: and

Tweet Netvibes has a new look: we just launched two websites to help all users discover the power of dashboard intelligence. The new explores enterprise and team use cases for our Premium dashboards, while the revamped showcases dashboards for individual users. Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence provides the real-time insights you need to drive better […]

Coming Next Fall: Private Tabs on Master Dashboards

Tweet Netvibes Premium for Team makes collaboration easy. By introducing Private tabs, Netvibes will give you even more control over your content: You will soon be able to decide to share or hide content from the rest of your team. Quick background When Netvibes for Team users access their team’s dashboard for the first time, […]

Webinar: 2016 Election insights from the Netvibes dashboard

Tweet Curious about what’s happening in the 2016 Election? Want to learn more about Netvibes dashboards? Join us next week for a free webinar in which we’ll explore real-time insights from the U.S. presidential campaign, using the Netvibes 2016 live Election Dashboard. Date: Thursday, July 28, 2016 Time:  8:00am PDT / 11:00am EDT / 4:00pm […]

Control more IoT devices: Netvibes Potions with Samsung ARTIK Cloud

Tweet Recently Netvibes had the pleasure of taking part in the Samsung Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. There we announced our partnership with Samsung’s ARTIK Cloud–a relationship that expands the power of Netvibes Potions to even more devices, consumers and businesses. With the integration of ARTIK into Netvibes, you will soon be able to connect […]

Monitoring aerospace certification and regulatory trends with Netvibes dashboards

Tweet The Aerospace and Defense industry faces the challenge of staying constantly abreast of the latest certification and regulatory changes and ensuring that their companies remain compliant. To do so, companies must not only monitor government and certification agencies around the world, but also track thousands of industry experts, including associations, laboratories, universities and thought […]