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A few months ago, we introduced AutoSave for our Premium users. This feature has since then been deployed across all Netvibes dashboards. The quantitative 500-article-per-feed limit has consequently been replaced by a time-sensitive limit. Let’s see more specifically what it entails.


With AutoSave, Netvibes saves all of your dashboard content – regardless of how many feeds, articles, tweets, etc., you have – during a defined period of time, which is 24 hours for free users, 48 hours for VIP users and 3 months for Premium users. Thanks to AutoSave, even if the original content has been deleted from the web, you can still find the data on your dashboard. Premium users are also able to analyze their content back in time.

After that period, your content is still available during several days or months depending on your Netvibes account type and each feed’s publishing frequency:

  • For free users, if a feed is occasionally updated (i.e. if a new item is published every 8 or more hours), its items remain available on your dashboard for 90 days.
  • If it has a new item every hour or so, its items remain available for 30 days.
  • If it has a new item approximately every 15 minutes, its items remain available for 7 days.
  • If it has more than one new item every 15 minutes, its items remain available for 1 day.

And all these availability periods are doubled for VIP users – they are 180 days, 60 days, 14 days and 2 days respectively.

Take the BBC Sport feed ( for instance. Because it approximately publishes a new item every hour, all of its items are saved for 30 days if you are a free user. As a result, your feed has currently more than 720 articles available. If you are a VIP user, this feed’s articles are saved for 60 days, which means that you have twice that amount available on your dashboard.

For Premium users, the less frequently updated feeds (i.e. those updated every 8 or more hours) keep their items for 5 years. Any feed that is more frequently updated than this keeps its items for 90 days. This 90-day period can be extended as an add-on option. Please contact us to learn more about our AutoSave extension packages.

Got remarks or questions? Leave them in the comments below or visit our Uservoice page.

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