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Long live Dashboard Intelligence!

Following the demise of iGoogle and Google Reader, many users were left without a home overnight. Various bloggers commented that this might signal the death of both feed readers and startpages. Considering that Netvibes has gained a record number of users last month —literally hundreds of thousands of new users(*)— this notion couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Netvibes started as a way to organize your daily digital life. Back then it was just about getting all your feeds in one customizable place and curate content to share with others.

Should we have stayed there, we’d probably disappeared too.

Then came the social web, bringing far too much data for anyone to monitor manually. So we immediately brought you automated social analytics and alerts, so you can uncover trends and influencers automatically. We changed our tagline to “Dashboard Everything” to prove Netvibes empowered you to monitor everything that mattered to you and we carved our vision: Dashboard Intelligence.

Dashboards drive to Intelligence to help you make decisions. More data, faster updates enforce this need to analyze, suggest and even act for you.

Then, we were acquired by Dassault Systèmes, one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world. We mentioned then that they see the world exactly as we do —a common vision to help people go from being buried by data, to visualizing it and beyond— which is to say to extract actionable insights. We are Dashboard Intelligence.

The start page and Readers as we knew them may have drastically evolved, but Dashboard Intelligence has emerged. Real-time dashboards have never been more relevant. It’s not just about the apps, or the feeds, or social data. It’s about bringing it all together and automating the insights.

In a couple weeks at LeWeb, we will present our answer to the theme of the event “The Next 10 Years of The Web”. And our answer is simple. It’s about empowerment. Putting the power of control and insight back into the hands of the user, who has been increasingly buried under more and more data. How will we do it? Stay tuned to find out!

(*) We recorded a 338% increase in new user registrations, a 349% increase in new dashboards created and a 153% increase in daily crawled streams following both services’ closing.


UWA Documentation: Remake Your iGoogle Gadgets For Netvibes

iGoogle is closing in a few days. Most people have already moved to a new service, a lot of you have chosen Netvibes (using our migration tool) and we’re very proud of that. And to make sure you feel at home, today we’re releasing a brand new UWA (Universal Web Apps) documentation, to help developers port their iGoogle gadgets to Netvibes without hassle.


Still looking for your next home after iGoogle closure? Read about all the key benefits you’ll get from registering at Netvibes. For free. Need help building your first dashboard? Read our tutorial.

Plus we’ve got brand new templates to suit all your topical needs: finance, news, sports, videogames, movies & tv, and even a special “refugee” template for all our ex-iGoogle friends.

Now you’re probably asking yourself: that’s great for all my RSS feeds, but what about my gadgets?

That’s what the big news of today is about: the availability of our revised documentation for UWA. Many gadget developers requested this, and it will help them create brand new widgets (or port their favorite ones from iGoogle).

It contains tutorials and sample widgets to get started, as well as a comprehensive documentation for the client-side JavaScript Framework used to render and build Apps with cross-envrionment compatibility.


Whether you’re looking for the best dashboard to monitor everything or looking to develop your own apps, Netvibes is the perfect home for you. Want to join the family? Head over this page for an easy migration.

Welcome! 🙂

PS: Netvibes also offers premium products for individual professionals, agencies and enterprises, featuring custom social analytics, alerts and team collaboration. Check it out!

Product Updates

Universal Search for Netvibes Premium: Search Faster & Better

Until now, you could search through your Netvibes Premium dashboard by submitting queries which could turn out to be rather complex, depending on the specifity of what you were searching for. To simplify this process, while keeping it as powerful, we’re happy to annouce a brand new feature for all Premium subscribers: Universal Search.


Reinventing the way you search inside your dashboards, Universal Search helps you find what you need, and find it easily : search everything, feeds and apps, and save results as a new App with continually updated search streams to help you save time.

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Service Upgrade: Upcoming Maintenance

To allow us to deploy new features, we’re gonna need to roll out a major Premium update and perform some database maintenance.


Maintenance will take place this Monday, September 30th at 7:00 AM CET (check this time and date for your timezone) and shouldn’t exceed seven hours.

Premium services will be functional but feed crawling, analytics and search streams might be slower to refresh. Also, new filters and analytics created during the update will not work until the maintenance is over.

Thank you for your understanding.


New Netvibes for Smaller Screens (and Smartphones)

Today, everyone uses many different devices. Desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones… At Netvibes, our philosophy has always been to provide the optimal experience based on the size and resolution of your screen, rather than just what type of device you use. After all, there are big tablets and small tablets, large smartphones and tiny net-books.


So instead of compromising our dashboard experience on smaller screens by cramming it all in, we decided to create a new reader-focused experience. That’s why we’re focusing on a unified dashboard experience for larger screens (laptops, tablets) and starting today, a new mobile reader for smartphones with smaller screens.

Now whatever device you use, you can just go to:

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Happy 8th Birthday, Netvibes!

This week, Netvibes is celebrating its 8th anniversary. Yep, it’s already been 8 years and we’ve been pretty busy these last twelve months, adding a lot of new things to your favorite Dashboard.


Here’s a quick roundup of all the new goodies:

As you can see, we’re been constantly working on improving our Dashboards, your dashboards. And there’s more to come! Watch this space for new exciting announcements in the forthcoming weeks & months.

Once again, from the whole team here at Netvibes: a big warm thank you for your fidelity, trust, support and feedback. We love you, guys! 🙂


Spring Cleaning: Better Sources, Less Noise

Netvibes users love feeds. In fact, our back-end collects around 15 million new items. Every day. That’s a lot of sources. And sometimes, when you feel you have too many of them cluttering up your dashboard, you wish there would be an easy way to sort them out, removing feeds and news streams that are no longer active or get updated very scarcely, or on the contrary, feeds you can’t keep up with because they publish too often.

If only there was a tool to do that in a few clicks… Well, we know it’s summer, but it’s time for some Spring Cleaning!


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How-To: Your Very First Dashboard

If you’re new to Netvibes and don’t really know where to start, here’s a quick guide to teach you all the basics about our Dashboards and how to use them to gather all the content that’s relevant to you. Monitor everything about a topic on the web, inside and outside an organization: content, report, conversations, trends… all in one place, always up-to-date.

What is a Dashboard?

Dashboard is the name of a standard page in Netvibes. It’s a dynamic workspace where you can add web Apps (or Widgets), which are small applications that’ll provide specific information or functionality.

A default Dashboard looks like this:


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Dashboard Intelligence

How To Monitor Social Media with Netvibes Dashboards

Whether you’re a multinational brand or a small startup, tracking your social presence is a round the clock job. How can you keep track of your brand, product or competitors’ social presence across multiple social platforms?

Fortunately, Netvibes offers the best tools to easily keep track on everything that’s happening out there on the social web. Today, we’ll show you how to quickly setup your dashboard to manage and post to your social media accounts–and monitor what’s being said publicly on Twitter, Facebook and Forums.


Let’s look at our top 3 Social Monitoring apps and how to use them:

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