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New Potion Ingredient: FTP file transfer

File Transfer Protocol is a fast and convenient way to transfer files over the Internet. This is a very common practice in the world of open-source and freely distributed software. Today we have added a new FTP ingredient to Netvibes Potions, so you can automate your files transfer from your Netvibes dashboard.

New Potion Ingredient: Automate your YouTube channel with Netvibes

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing network that allows online users to upload, view and comment on videos and subscribe to other users. Today we have added a new YouTube Ingredient to Netvibes Potions, so you can automate your YouTube channel and act on the video platform directly from your Netvibes dashboard.

Make blog magic happen with Netvibes Potions + new WordPress ingredient

Automate your WordPress blog to reach wider audiences and produce more content. It’s easy with our new WordPress Ingredient for Netvibes Potions. Potions make it simple to automate actions from your Netvibes dashboard. When these 2 Triggers happen, then do X and Y Actions; otherwise, do Z. Consumers can take control of their apps and […]

New Potion Ingredient: Automate your Medium Page with Netvibes

Medium is a popular social blogging platform that people and businesses use to read, write and share ideas. Today we have added new Medium Ingredient to Netvibes Potions, so you can automate your Medium page and accomplish more with the platform–directly from your Netvibes dashboard. With Potions, available for all Netvibes Dashboards, you can easily […]

Automate Twitter with Netvibes Potions: Now with Lists

Twitter Lists are now supported by Netvibes Potions, enabling you to automate interactions across your social media, other apps and devices. For example, you can automatically add people to a Twitter List based on keywords they tweet. Here’s how Twitter List Potions work.

New for Netvibes Potions: Google Drive and Netatmo Thermostat

Today we’ve added two new ingredients so you can do even more with Netvibes Potions. You can now remotely control your Netatmo Thermostat and upload files to Google Drive automatically, in response to custom triggers or events. Let’s see how the new Potion ingredients work. With Potions, you can be a wizard of the Internet […]

Automatically share content on LinkedIn with Netvibes Potions

With Netvibes Potions, you have the power to control the Internet of Things and automate your business logic to respond immediately, 24/7/365, to events and data triggers. Today we added a new ingredient to Netvibes Potions: you can now share links automatically on LinkedIn. Let’s see how it works. As with all Netvibes Potions, you […]

Automate your brand’s Facebook Page: Publish content automatically with Netvibes Potions

Netvibes Potions make it simple to take control of your digital life by automating interactions between devices, apps and data. You pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to take place, and your Potion magically obeys. Today we are adding a new Facebook ingredient to help you do even more. You can now publish content […]

New Netvibes Potion Ingredient: Google Sheets

You may have noticed that a new Ingredient appeared in the action section of your Potion wizard: we recently added support for Google Sheets. This new Ingredient allows you to add a line to any Google Sheets document of yours in response to any Trigger. Here are a few examples in which the Google Sheets […]

Control more IoT devices: Netvibes Potions with Samsung ARTIK Cloud

Recently Netvibes had the pleasure of taking part in the Samsung Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. There we announced our partnership with Samsung’s ARTIK Cloud–a relationship that expands the power of Netvibes Potions to even more devices, consumers and businesses. With the integration of ARTIK into Netvibes, you will soon be able to connect any […]