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Which Brands Won #SB50? Final Stats from Netvibes’ Super Bowl Dashboard

Sunday night’s Super Bowl 50 attracted 111.9 million viewers, making it the third most-watched TV event in history. Millions of fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the teams, players, and Brand commercials appearing on screen during the big game. Who were the winners on Social Media? To find out, Netvibes analyzed the online conversation taking place on our Super Bowl 50 dashboard.

Netvibes Super Bowl DashboardTeams: Panthers before the Game, then Broncos

Leading up to the game, the Panthers were widely favored to win, and their popularity showed on social media. For the period Feb. 3 – 7, the Panthers took the majority of Twitter mentions, with 53.18% for the Panthers vs. 46.82% Broncos. However, for the period of time during and after the game, the winning Broncos took the lead on Twitter, with 50.8% of mentions during Feb. 7 – 8 (versus 49.2% for the Panthers).


Quarterbacks: First Newton, then Manning

Just as the Broncos took the lead on Twitter after winning, a similar trend was seen with the teams’ quarterbacks. From Feb. 6 – 7, leading up to and during the game, the Panthers’ Cam Newton was the more-popular player on social media. But as the game ended around 7:00pm PST, winning quarterback Peyton Manning briefly spiked on Twitter.


Cars: Audi

Among car brands advertising at the Super Bowl, Audi dominated the conversation overall and also saw the biggest spike during the game. Toward the end of the game, around 6:00-7:00pm PST, Mini Cooper enjoyed a large spike in mentions and briefly became the most-talked-about car brand due to its #DefyLabels TV commercial.


Beer: Bud Light during the game, Budweiser after the game

Budweiser is known for creating memorable Super Bowl commercials, often involving puppies and Clydesdales. In 2016, Budweiser again took top beer mentions on Twitter, but curiously, most of Budweiser’s spike occurred as the game ended (around 7:00-8:00pm PST). During the game itself, Bud Light was the most frequently mentioned beer on Twitter with similar, smaller spikes seen for Budweiser, Shock Top and Michelob.


Why was Budweiser suddenly so popular after the game? During post-game interviews, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning unexpectedly name-dropped Budweiser several times, saying “I’m going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight.” Manning’s comments, reportedly worth $13.9M in advertising dollars and unpaid by Budweiser, drove the large increase in Budweiser tweets Sunday night and into Monday.

Budweiser manning


With its #MovinOnUp commercial starring Jeff Goldblum and Lil Wayne, scored more Twitter mentions during the Super Bowl than other Internet companies, including goliath Amazon (which otherwise dominated social media all week).


Sodas: Pepsi and Mountain Dew

Propelled by its sponsorship of the Pepsi Halftime Show, Pepsi took top mentions on Twitter during the game.


However, Mountain Dew was close behind with its much-talked-about #PuppyMonkeyBaby commercial. What did people think of the odd mythical hybrid creature? When Mountain Dew’s spot first hit the Internet last week, the online sentiment was trending negative. On February 4, the tweet ratio was 17% negative versus 7% positive. However, once the commercial actually aired during the game on February 7, public sentiment turned overwhelmingly positive: 13.07% positive versus 5.21% negative.


Curious about other social media stats from the Super Bowl? Head over to our SB50 dashboard to explore the data for yourself, or contact us for a free demo of Netvibes’ award-winning dashboards.

Super Bowl 50: Check out the buzz on Netvibes’ Live Dashboard

This Sunday, American football teams the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will meet on the field to determine the winner of Super Bowl 50. Before the first kickoff, the battle is already raging online in the media and across social networks. Who will come out on top in the battle of mentions? Watch it all unfold on Netvibes’ live dashboard for Super Bowl 50!

Netvibes Super Bowl DashboardThe Netvibes dashboard will track and analyze the online conversation though Game Day to uncover important data insights around the teams, players and coaches, as well as the big Brands airing Super Bowl TV commercials. Explore the dashboard to discover daily and hourly trends, such as:

  • Who is more popular: the Broncos or the Panthers?
  • What is the sentiment around the Super Bowl? Positive, Negative or Neutral
  • Which Quarterback is mentioned most on Twitter?
  • Which car company saw the biggest spike in mentions during the commercial break?

Excited for the commercials? You can even watch some of the ads right from the dashboard.

On Monday after the game, we will post the most interesting data insights here on the Netvibes blog. In the meantime, check out the free dashboard to see all the live stats:

If you’re interested in using Netvibes dashboards to track your own big event, click here to start your free trial or contact us for a demo.

Netvibes Wins People’s Choice Award for Best IoT Technical Innovation

The 5th annual Internet of Things Awards celebrate excellence and leadership in the fast-growing field of IoT. The 2015/16 winners were just announced, and Netvibes is honored to be the People’s Choice winner for “Best IoT Technical Innovation.”


Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things revolutionizes IoT by making it simple for anyone to program automatic interactions between devices, apps and data from the Netvibes dashboard. Take control of your Internet of Things by creating your own “Potion” with the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to take place: e.g., If A or B happen, then do X; Otherwise, do Y and Z.  Netvibes makes the magic happen, automatically, to obey your every command. Consumers can automate their homes and devices (e.g., Turn on the lights at sunset), while enterprises can automate their business logic (e.g., If the website goes down, text the administrator and automatically begin the reboot process through SSH). Learn more about Potions on our FAQ page or contact us for a free demo.

The 2015/16 IoT Awards winners were selected by a panel of judges and by the general public in a popular vote. IoT companies and products were honored across 21 different categories. For the category of Best IoT Technical Innovation, Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things was the top public vote-getter to win the accolade of People’s Choice.

Thanks to everyone for voting, and congratulations to all the winners!

Netvibes Potions at CES 2016

Last week we were at CES, the massive annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Alongside new technology like drones, wearables and 3D printers, the Netvibes team was onsite to demo our Potions and the Dashboard of Things. Here are a few photos from the show:

Dancing robots and magic Potions, as seen from the Netvibes booth at CES 2016

Dancing robots and magic Potions, as seen from the Netvibes booth at CES 2016

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New Facets in Universal Search: Tagged and Saved Articles

Universal Search (available for Netvibes VIP and Premium) makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for in your dashboard. Simply type a keyword into the search bar or use Boolean operators to instantly find articles on any topic. You can also use semantic filters, called facets, to drill down into your content; for example, you can search by title, RSS feed, sentiment (negative/positive/neutral), or other facets.

We recently added 2 new facets to make Universal Search even more powerful. You can now search using facets for Saved articles or Tagged articles. Let’s see how it works.


New facet: Saved articles
Your dashboard collects a lot of articles and content, so you may want to save some of the articles to remember or read later. All Netvibes users have access to this feature: When you click on an article in your dashboard, simply click on the star to “save” the article.
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