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New Analytics Feature: ‘Compare To’ Anytime in the Past, Instantly

Netvibes dashboards allow you to track and analyze your most important business metrics over time. Today we are announcing a new feature for Netvibes analytics: the ‘Compare To’ tool. With just a click, you can instantly compare the charts on your dashboard to any period of time in the past.


1. Select a chart to ‘Compare To’ the past


Here’s a chart showing the number times ‘Car X’ was mentioned online in the last 30 days (Oct. 17 – Nov. 16, 2015). Let’s say we want to compare this data with the previous 30 days (Sept. 17 – Oct. 17, 2015).

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Create Email Potions with Microsoft Exchange + Netvibes

  • Netvibes
  • November 13th 2015 at 05:33 PM

We’ve added a new Ingredient to the Dashboard of Things: you can now create Potions using Microsoft Exchange. Make magic happen with your corporate email! Here’s how it works.


Netvibes Potions allow you to take control of your digital life by programming automatic interactions between devices, apps and data. For example, If this thing happens, then do these 2 things. (If you’re new to Potions, read more on our FAQ page).

One of the most popular services for corporate email accounts, Microsoft Exchange is now supported as a Trigger for Netvibes Potions. When you receive a new Exchange email that meets your specifications, it can trigger any action you choose.

Potion Triggers: Microsoft Exchange (new!)

I receive an email
This Trigger fires every time your Exchange account receives a new email

As always, you can customize your Potion to do exactly what you want. Using the Potion wizard, you can specify different email attributes, including:

  • Address of sender contains
  • Name of sender contains
  • Content contains
  • Subject contains
  • Mail must contain attachments: Yes/No

Potion Ideas: Microsoft Exchange + Netvibes
Now let’s explore some Potion ideas for Exchange. It’s easy to set up your own alerts for important email messages.

Important Email Alert: When I receive a new Exchange email message AND the name of sender contains “My Boss,” then send me Pushbullet alert across all my devices.


Click here to try this Potion now!

You can also use Exchange to trigger other actions, such as sending an email auto-response.

Email Auto-Respond: When I receive an Exchange email from my boss AND it’s after 7:00pm, then email my boss: “I got your email and will respond first thing in the morning.”


Click here to try this Potion now!

Let’s say your team is working on an important project, and you want to keep all the emails together for easy reference. So, you set up a private, password-protected Tumblr page and automatically forward all the emails related to the project.

Email Aggregation: When I receive a new Exchange email message and the content contains “Project Codename”, then post the message on Tumblr.


These are just a few Potion ideas to get you started. With Netvibes, the possibilities are limitless!

How to set up Microsoft Exchange + Netvibes
To use Potions with Microsoft Exchange, you will first need to connect your Exchange email account to your Netvibes dashboard.

Setup requirements:

  • A Microsoft Exchange Server that you can use remotely (outside the LAN)
  • A valid Microsoft Exchange Server Account
  • You must enter your Exchange Server information into Netvibes:
    • Username
    • Email
    • Password
    • Server address
      Note: If you need help locating your server information, please contact your organization’s Exchange Server administrator. If your smartphone is already connected to your corporate email through Exchange, you might try checking your phone’s settings for the correct Server name/address.

You can create your own Potions to automate any task you wish, using Exchange or any other Potion Ingredients. Click here to get started, and the Netvibes wizard will walk you through the easy steps of potion creation. Or contact us for a free demo.

New! Agency Wizardry: Magically create your own dashboard in one click

What if you could instantly see a high-level overview of any subject, along with the important data and analytics you need to understand the current trends? What if you could walk into a meeting with any new client and immediately show them how their brand compares with the market? It sounds like sorcery, but you don’t have to be an all-powerful wizard when you have Netvibes!


Today we are excited to announce Agency Wizardry—four new wizards for Brands, Topics, Markets and Events—so you can easily create a new dashboard on your own in just a few minutes.


  • Cut through the clutter with a single view across Brands, Topics, Markets or Events
  • Stay ahead of the competition with real-time alerts
  • Save time and costs with automatic data analytics and reporting
  • Differentiate your agency or department with custom branded dashboards—no IT required!

With the new wizards in Netvibes’ Agency Wizardry, creating a new dashboard is faster and easier than ever. Create custom dashboards for all your clients and campaigns on the fly.

1. Pick your Wizard
What do you want your dashboard to track? Agency Wizardry offers 4 new wizards for Brands, Topics, Markets and Events.
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Quick look: Better user management with User permissions

When you work collaboratively, Netvibes Premium for Team and Enterprise is here to help you share information across all your team members. Using one dashboard, you can all listen and learn from your data in real-time. The dashboard you share can also help you act, but you may not want to allow all your team members to take actions. This is where User Permissions come into play.


Quick background: TeamCollaboration

Exclusively available with Netvibes Premium for Team and Enterprise (compare our products here), TeamCollaboration allows teams to collaborate and share one dashboard.

Basically, this is how it works:
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Share your Netvibes Potions with just a click

You can use Netvibes Potions to magically receive text alerts, automatically share content on social media, and automate many more tasks from your dashboard. (If you’re new to Potions, learn more on our FAQ page). Today we have a new Potion feature to introduce: with just a click, you can now easily share your Potions with anyone! Here’s how it works.


Once you create a Potion, the Potion will live on your dashboard in its own app (see image, above). From this app, you can monitor all the times your Potion is triggered, edit your Potion’s Trigger(s) and Action(s), or turn the Potion on and off by toggling the switch. In this example, our Potion is pretty simple, using just one Trigger and one Action:
Instagram -> Twitter
When Netvibes posts a new photo on Instagram, automatically share it on Twitter
To share this Potion, click on the menu button in the upper right corner, then click “Share.” You will then see the “Share Widget” pop up.

The Share widget offers a variety of different options for sharing your Potion: email your Potion to a friend, grab a link to share, or instantly post your Potion on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Evernote, or many other third-party services.

Want to try the Instagram->Twitter Potion for yourself? Just click

When your friend or social followers click on the link, they will then have the option to add your Potion to their own Netvibes dashboard (or they can sign up for free if they’re not already a Netvibes user).

Here are two important things to know about Potion sharing:

1. Your personal information and log-in credentials are always private. When you share a customized Potion like this one (Instagram -> Twitter), the new users will be required to enter their own social media credentials in order to activate the Potion.

  • The original Potion: When Netvibes posts on Instagram, then share on Netvibes’ Twitter.

When you share this Potion with Bob, he must customize it as his own:

  • Bob’s new Potion: When Bob posts on Instagram, then share on Bob’s Twitter.

2. For Potions using Ingredients without private log-in credentials (e.g., RSS feeds), you can share those elements of the Potions as-is. Copies of the Potion will continue to act just like the original. This means that new users can enjoy your Potion without having to change their own dashboard’s Personal Corpus. As an example, consider this Potion:

When TechCrunch posts a new article with “Apple” in the title, automatically share on Twitter and Facebook

When you share this Potion, the new user “Bob” will have to customize the Twitter and Facebook ingredients with his own log-in credentials. However, the RSS Trigger on Bob’s Potion will work exactly the same way as it does on the original Potion. Bob’s dashboard doesn’t even have to include the TechCrunch feed!

Bob’s Potion-copy:
RSS-> Twitter and Facebook

When TechCrunch posts a new article with “Apple” in the title [triggered from the original dashboard], then share on Bob’s Twitter and Bob’s Facebook.

Now that you know all about Netvibes Potions, you’re ready to share the magic with your friends and colleagues! Which cool Potion will you create next? Click here to get started, and our wizard will walk you through the easy steps of Potion-building. Or contact us for a free demo.