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How-to: Create Tracked Topics to Replace your Yahoo! Pipes

A few months ago, Yahoo! announced that they were planning to retire their Yahoo! Pipes service. Fortunately, Netvibes already has a native alternative to offer: Tracked topics. Let’s see how it works.

Yahoo! will no longer allow you to create any new pipes after August 30th. Your existing pipes will still be working until the end of September, but after that, they will be completely deprecated, meaning that they will no longer crunch new content nor will they be retrievable into your Netvibes dashboard.

Your Netvibes dashboard allows you to add as many sources as you wish — RSS feeds, your own social network timelines, searches, etc. The content you aggregate may quickly become overwhelming. And even if you try to revolve around one specific topic, some of your feeds may also publish items that are not relevant to you, which is probably why you resorted to Yahoo! pipes in the first place.

Clearing the noise from your dashboard is actually easy: create Tracked Topic apps.
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Take control of all your IoT devices with Netvibes + SAMI

Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things (DoT) allows users to take control of the Internet of Things and program their own automatic interactions between devices, apps and data. You pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s), and your Netvibes Potion makes the magic happen. (To learn more about Potions, please visit our FAQ page).

We are excited to announce that Netvibes is integrating DoT with Samsung SAMI in order to extend the power of Potions to even more users and devices.

Netvibes and SAMI

With Netvibes + SAMI, users will be able to control an extensive variety of connected devices from their Netvibes dashboard. SAMI (Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interaction) is an open data-collection platform that integrates multiple APIs from different devices and manufacturers. Through SAMI, Netvibes can easily connect its dashboards to many new objects at once, without having to code for every single API.

Let’s look at how this works. By connecting to SAMI, you can use your WeMo switch with Netvibes Potions. As with all Netvibes Potions, the Trigger(s) and Action(s) are customizable to do whatever you choose. In this example: If it’s 10:00 p.m. on a school night AND the upstairs TV WeMo switch is “on,” then send me a text alert to tell the kids to go to bed. (Watch the below video to see this in action.)

In addition to the WeMo switch, users will soon be able to control any SAMI-linked device or data through Netvibes. In the future, SAMI may eventually provide normalized data, abstracted from various objects. For example, you could use a dataset, like Step Count per Day, without needing to know exactly which device was used to measure the steps.

Netvibes connects to SAMI using the REST API, as shown in the illustration below:

Netvibes - SAMI architecture

By bringing together SAMI as the data collection layer and Netvibes as the automation layer, we are empowering users to do more with the Internet of Things. Program your digital life exactly how you wish: the possibilities are limitless!

To get started with Netvibes Potions, click here, and our wizard will walk you through the easy steps. Or contact us for a free demo.

Netvibes hosts party for PR agencies in San Francisco

Thanks to everyone who attended our party last week! On August 13, Netvibes hosted the monthly PRSA-SF happy hour at our office in San Francisco.

PRSA bar


Party attendees included local PR agencies, marketing executives, representatives from PRSA-SF, and other Bay Area professionals. We were delighted to host everyone and serve a variety of drinks and delicious appetizers.

Stay tuned for details about our next bash. Netvibes turns 10 years old on September 15, and to celebrate we’ll be throwing a birthday party in San Francisco in the coming weeks.

PRSA party PRSA food table

Social Media Automation with Netvibes Potions

Netvibes Potions enable you to automate interactions between devices, apps and data using your dashboard. You pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s)—If X and Y triggers happen, then do Z action—and Netvibes makes the magic happen, automatically.


(To learn more about Potions and Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things, please visit our FAQ page or read more on our Potion blogs).

Potions can automate a wide variety of different tasks. Today let’s take a look at some potions for Social Media automation, so you can save time while expanding your brand’s reach across different social channels.

Video: 5 Ways Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence Helps Your Business

Netvibes dashboards are the best way to monitor and analyze all the data that matters to your brand. Did you know there are 5 unique features of Netvibes? Watch our new video below to learn 5 ways you can put Netvibes to work for your business.

5 Unique Features of Netvibes:

  1. Personal Corpus: With Netvibes, you choose the sources you care about and trust. Cut out the noise; focus on what matters.
  1. MisoData: Experiment and learn from all your data. Import external files or connect third party datasets (like Google Analytics or stock price data) to the dashboard to analyze everything in one place. See how Twitter mentions impact your stock price, for example.
  1. PushMail: Send unlimited, automated email reports to anyone you choose. Send daily reports to the team or monthly reports to the client, automatically.
  1. AutoSave: Unlimited storage of your data for as long as you choose. Even if your brand is mentioned in thousands of tweets per minute, Netvibes retains it all so you can see what’s really being said.
  1. Dashboard of Things: Automate your digital activities. By creating a Potion with specific Triggers and Actions (e.g., if A or B happen, then do X; otherwise, do Y and Z) you can easily program automatic interactions between apps, devices and data. Learn more about the Dashboard of Things here.