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V2 of Facebook’s Graph API: What to expect on Netvibes dashboards

On April 30, Facebook will release version 2 of its Facebook Graph API, which enables Netvibes to connect Facebook data to your dashboard. Because of changes coming from Facebook, you may notice some differences on your dashboard going forward. Here’s what to expect:

Main Changes:

1. Linking your accounts: The new API requires that you must link your Netvibes and Facebook accounts in order to be able to search and gather Facebook data. Your dashboard will prompt you to do this. You may link as many Facebook accounts as you wish.

2. Facebook’s public post search will no longer be available. If your dashboard has an existing Facebook public search app, the app will stop working after April 30 and display an error message. Going forward, you must link a Facebook account, and Netvibes will then allow you to read/search/analyze Facebook content that is available through your linked Facebook account(s).

[04/30 update]
3. Facebook app: Facebook no longer allows us to retrieve your News Feed.

Improvements for Netvibes users:

1. Search and Analytics: Available user posts or fan page posts will now be indexed in Netvibes and available for Search, Tracked Topics and Analytics (Netvibes Premium dashboards only)
2. Access to Restricted Pages: Netvibes can now crunch content from restricted fan pages, as long as the user meets the fan page requirements (e.g. age or location)
3. Streamlined Reader Experience: Facebook user posts or fan page posts will now be displayed as a stream of content in Netvibes’ Reader View
4. SmartTagging (Premium dashboards only): Netvibes users can now tag, save, or blacklist any posts coming from a Facebook user or a fan page
5. API limits: Facebook’s API limit will now be applied to each linked Facebook account. This means you can increase your limit by linking additional Facebook accounts.

Twitter Lists: Analyze your Twitter content by drilling down into specific audiences

We’re continually updating Netvibes to provide you with the ultimate dashboards for tracking everything you care about online. Today we have a new feature to announce: support for Twitter lists.


Lists” are a feature on Twitter that allow you to curate lists of particular users. For example, you might create a list of “Coworkers,” “Thought Leaders in IoT,” or any other category.

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TeamWatch: Create reading lists or instantly share articles to keep everyone informed

  • Mylène
  • March 18th 2015 at 12:35 PM
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Today we announced a new feature for Netvibes Premium dashboards: TeamWatch. With TeamWatch, you can easily share articles, reading lists and analytical insights with anyone, directly from your Internet browser.


You may already be using your Netvibes dashboard to read and share interesting content. With all Netvibes dashboards, it’s easy to share articles through a variety of channels, including: social media, email, Tumblr, Pocket, Evernote, and more. See the full list here:

So, what’s new about TeamWatch? TeamWatch makes the sharing process even easier by enabling you to share information with just a single click from your Internet browser. (You don’t even have to be on your Netvibes dashboard!) In addition, your team members can individually tag articles and combine them all into one list. Here’s how TeamWatch works:
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New Add panel: Check out our streamlined UI in preparation for the Dashboard of Things

Did you notice your dashboard had a little makeover? Today we rolled out a newly redesigned toolbar for all Netvibes dashboards, with a streamlined look and better creative controls. Let’s take a look at what’s new.


Our dashboards have always been customizable so you can listen, learn and act on the information that matters most to you. There are many apps available in the Netvibes catalog to help you monitor social media, watch the weather, stay on top of your To Do list, play games and much more.

Today Netvibes is going even further to deliver complete personalization. With our new UI, the focus is on creation. Easily create your own custom apps to do anything—gather content, analyze information, automate actions and more—in order to create and customize the perfect dashboard for your personal or business needs.

Here are the new features of our redesigned UI:

Improved “Add” panel:


  • “New” menu: Create a custom app for your dashboard, selecting one of four types:
    • Reading app: Import your favorite content and RSS feeds
    • MisoData app: Drag-to-compare data and create charts/graphs
    • Analytics app: Analyze data and discover insights
    • Potions app (coming soon): Program automatic interactions between anything, including apps, data and smart devices.
  • “My Creations” menu: View all of the custom apps and Potions you have personally created.
  • “Apps” menu: Choose from Netvibes’ app catalog.


Improved Universal Search: Type in the search bar to search your dashboard or the Internet and find exactly what you need. See all and refine.

Improved “Analyze” panel (now integrated into the “Add” panel):

  • Analyze data to discover: who is talking, what is said, how is it perceived, or where is it happening.
  • New: Users can now create filters directly from the “Analyze” panel.

For more details and screenshots of Netvibes’ new UI, please visit

Coming Soon: Dashboard of Things

The new UI paves the way for the upcoming release of Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things (DoT), which we’ll launch in a few weeks. DoT is an exciting evolution for Netvibes, empowering you to take control of the programmable web. Create “Potions” to automate interactions between anything on your dashboard, including apps, data and connected smart devices.

To learn more about DoT, please see the blog or read a few of our favorite articles in WIRED, VentureBeat or Ubergizmo. (You can read all the Netvibes media coverage on our Press page.)

Although the official launch is still a few weeks away, DoT is currently available as a private technology preview. Request a demo at

We hope you’ll enjoy the new toolbar and create some magic on your own dashboard. Let us know what you think!

Dashboard of Things: The Third Evolution of Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence

Today marks a major milestone in the evolution of Netvibes — the Dashboard of Things. Before we dive into the news, let’s take a look back at the evolution of Netvibes over the years.


Netvibes Part 1 – Monitor your Internet (Listen)

When Netvibes began in 2005, we embarked on a vision of “Dashboard Intelligence,” enabling you to listen, learn and act on your data. The first step in that journey was the original Netvibes dashboard. By bringing together all the content and data that matters most to you or your business, you create your Personal Corpus—your own Internet. With this approach, you can focus squarely on only the most important information, free from noise and untrusted sources. And with AutoSave, you can store all of this data as long as you choose.
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