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AutoSave Is Now Live: Store Unlimited Data in Your Premium for Team Dashboards

AutoSave, the unique new feature available only from Netvibes, is generally available today. This means all Netvibes Premium for Team dashboards now automatically store ALL articles, regardless of the quantity, for any length of time you choose. Even if you’re pulling in thousands of tweets per day, Netvibes stores all the data for you, so you can read and analyze back in time.


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With Tab Labels, One Team Dashboard Morphs To Please All Groups

Netvibes dashboards can be fully customized with multiple tabs to track anything that matters to you. Having multiple tabs allows you to organize your dashboard any way you like, by grouping certain data and charts together or keeping them separate.

Today we are releasing a new feature called Tab Labels, available only for Netvibes Premium Dashboards for Team (NPDx), in Agencies and Enterprises. Users of the Master NPDx can create labels for each tab on the dashboard. For example: label your tabs by language (French, English, etc.), label by department (marketing, sales, finance), label by topic, or create any label you choose.


With labeled tabs, you can easily choose which tabs to display on the dashboard, and which tabs to hide. If you have a lot of tabs on your dashboard, this is handy way to focus on the specific information you need. With just a few clicks you can instantly switch your dashboard’s focus, depending on what topic you’re working on, what language you’re speaking, or whom you’re meeting with.


To learn more about Netvibes Premium dashboards, please contact us.

Less Meeting, More Doing: Let Netvibes Update Your Boss [or Any Colleague], So You Don’t Have To

Have you ever wished you could share a chart with your boss that continually updated, but without sharing access to your entire dashboard? Today that becomes a reality with Hierarchical Dashboarding, available only for Netvibes for Enterprise.

Netvibes enables your company to customize unlimited dashboards for each team or individual. With our new Hierarchical Dashboarding feature, any live chart from one dashboard can be easily shared with another dashboard, enabling both you and your boss to monitor the same information. Shared charts continue to automatically update using the data sources from the original dashboard, while all updates are instantly pushed to the connected dashboards.

Hierarchical image

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Free Webinar on Social Media Crisis Management: Lessons from the NFL

  • Netvibes
  • September 29th 2014 at 09:00 PM

When social media creates a firestorm of consumer protest against your company’s actions, how do you get ahead of the arguments and turn crisis into opportunity?

Learn techniques to successfully manage any social media crisis in this free upcoming webinar, co-presented by Netvibes and Prosyna. We will take lessons from a real-world case study by examining the recent social backlash around the NFL© and domestic violence.


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New feature: The Netvibes Social Sharing Panel

  • clovis
  • September 23rd 2014 at 02:59 PM

Netvibes makes it easy to share content from your dashboard, using virtually any platform you like. With just a click, you can share that funny Onion article with all your friends on Twitter, Facebook or dozens of other services.

Today we are making sharing even better with Netvibes’ new Social Sharing Panel. Now, when your friends click on any link shared through Netvibes, they will see the original linked page, displayed alongside our handy Social Sharing Panel


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