5 Things you don't know about netvibes

1 Red dot at the top center of netvibes: Have you ever noticed a red dot on the middle of the header of your netvibes page ? Maybe you just thought it was annoying, at least until you discovered what it is for ! If you look at your good ol’ computer, you’ll notice a led (perhaps orange or red) light when your computer is ‘thinking’ or storing data on the hard-drive. Well, it’s almost the same on netvibes. When this little dot light is on, it means that data is being sent and stored in our database. So don’t quit your netvibes when you see this dot 😉

2 Drag & drop from the sidebar: So you’re beginning to use netvibes very fast now. But did you know that you can gain even more time adding a module from the sidebar ? By simply dragging and dropping the module directly from the sidebar, without having to look at the preview is much easier and faster.

3 Drag&drop from Myspace and Latest module modules: Drag & Drop from the sidebar isn’t enough for you ? There are 2 modules that have the same ability that will help you adding more and more content to your page.
The first, is the Ecosystem module. If you click once on a module in the list, you’ll be sent to the module page on our ecosystem. But if you drag the module, you’ll be able to drop it somewhere and test it to know if you like it or not.
The second one is the Myspace module. When you find a interesting comment, you can add its author’s myspace to your page by dragging and dropping the comment outside the module. It will create a new myspace module configured to display this user’s myspace.

4 Pressing shift key when deleting a tab move all the modules into the previous tab: Your netvibes is overloaded and you want to delete a tab. Fine. Deleting the tab will also delete all modules on it. But this time, you just wanted to delete it but keep the module on another tab. How boring is it to move all modules one by one… until you know the trick. Press shift while deleting a tab, and all modules on you’ll find again all your modules on the previous tab.

5 New fonts into the webnote: Have you noticed a small update we made in the webnote module ? You can now increase the font size and change the font family. And yes, there are some monospace fonts.

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