10 tips to customize your netvibes public page

Your netvibes public page (or universe) allows you to easily create a unique space with a double function : first, publicly share your own selection of content and second, group on a unique page all the elements that define your online presence. However, at first, it may not be easy to know how to begin and how to create an efficient page. Here are some tips that should help you build an attractive and convenient to-use public page.

1) Present yourself

When the visitors stop by your page, it will be always better to know who the owner is. Prepare a first tab dedicated to your personal information. Go to your public page and click “Add Content” then “Essential Widgets”. You will find an assistant that will help you create a badge which will display a shortened version of your profile on Facebook or Myspace. Other badges will allow you to display your email or IM address. Finally, the “My Community” widget uses the most basic info provided in your profile page (Name, photo) and displays them, alongside your personal and friend’s activities on netvibes.


If you don’t want to show your identity and don’t use social networks, a simple webnote with some info on the goal of your page should be enough. In any case, don’t forget to add the “Wall” widget, which will let your visitors post comments directly on your page.

2) Organize the content

Have you listed many blogs and rss feeds in one tab? Use the colors to mark the little boxes that contain the feeds in an organized way. For example, you could use the same color to mark all feeds related to the same subject.


3) Use the webnotes

When you use your private page, a webnote equals a post-it. But with your public page, there are many more possibilities : webnotes can be used to present your content, add explanations, comment on some items… Use the webnotes to add a title to your columns. You can change the font, character size, background color or make it transparent.

example 1:
example 2:

4) Use the image widget

In many cases, an image is often better than words. Enhance the appearance of your page with the image widget to display an image available on line. If your image located on your computer, the widget will allow you to easily upload it online. And if you want to display an image with a link, use the “Linked Picture” widget.

example 1:
example 2:

5) Use Photo albums

If you uses online sharing photos sites like Flickr or Picasa, you can display your pictures using their respective widgets. Even if you don’t have an account, you can display public albums from another user or display an automatic selection of pictures related to the keywords of your choice.

example: (personal albums)
exemple 2 : (automatically generated album)

6) Change the column width

It’s not something that we usually think about, but changing the column’s size can result in stunning visual effects, especially when you use photo albums with thumbnails images.


7) Optimize loading time

Try to keep a reasonable number of items on each tab. If you have to display several items which eat the memory of your browser (like youtube videos), it becomes handy to keep the boxes closed by default. This way, it will drastically reduce the loading time and improve your visitors’ experience.


8) Play with the options

Don’t forget that each of your widgets have its own configuration menu. Try for example to add the same widget several times on your tab, but with different display or configuration parameters.

example 1:
example 2 :

9) Personnalise your background images

Other than themes and wallpapers which are available in the settings menu, you can add your own header image and wallpaper to your page. To do so, in the drop down menu, use the “link (url)” option and copy/paste the url of your background image.

example :!

10) Use the link widgets

Instead of accumulating rss feeds on your page, you can use the link widgets to share your favorite websites in a simple and visual way. This is recommended for websites which are not regularly updated or simply if you don’t want to display these feeds on your page.


We just scratched the surface here, as Netvibes public pages offer many more possibilities. Don’t hesitate to share your own tips with other netvibes users.

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